Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We've got your number

It's the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year - 666, the number of the beast! (Oh Fortuna. Velut luna. Semper crescis et decrescis.)
Seen any demons flying about yet? No? But there is a Dr Who two-parter about the Beast! Coincidence or what?
Apparently, a recently discovered manuscript of Revelation states that the N.O.T.B. is actually 616. This, again apparently, is the Gematria number for Caligula, who I must admit fits the idea of an antichrist much better than Nero, given that he was a contemporary of Jesus, and way more sociopathic than his nephew.
However, I think 666 is a way cooler number to have as N.O.T.B. And as it's the one everybody knows, I think we should keep it that way, after all, what difference does it make? John of Patmos was obviously tripping on some heavy ergot when he had his dream. If he hadn't written it down, we wouldn't be freaking about it today.
So have a nice day folks.

(Was that a demon I just saw flying over Arthur's Seat?)

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