Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tic followed tock followed tic

May I state, that I do not watch Big Brother. But that doesn't stop other people at work talking about it. Apparently one of the house mates has Tourette's syndrome. Opinion is divided as to whether he should be applauded for highlighting the condition, or Endemol should be castigated for turning him into a freakshow.
What I say is: Stop bloody talking about it!
I've got Tourette's. I've lived with it every day for the last thirty-three years - not the last three weeks like the rest of the population. It made my childhood a living hell of tics, grimaces and head shaking. No profanities fortunately, though I did get urges to make V-signs.
The BBC showed I Claudius at that time. I couldn't watch it. It was too painful to see Derek Jacobi twitching away in cruel mockery of my condition.
As I've grown older, the symptoms have lessened so much, that they're hardly noticeable. It's only when I'm under stress that it starts to return, or when people talk about it!
Talking about makes me think about it. When I think about it I feel the urges nagging: release us, shake your head, move your arm, your fingers, twitch your nose, you know you can't resist us, you know you want to, just one tic, we'll never bother you again, we promise, one twitch, that's all it'll be, to release the tension, just one...tic...just one...tic...just one...tic...just one...tic...just one......

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