Wednesday, June 07, 2006

FMA stalls in the US Senate

Good news. The US Senate has voted by 49-48 to stop the debate on the proposed Family Marriage Amendment. It will not go forward to the House of Representatives, and the Constitution will remain unchanged. This iniquitous piece of legislation, if allowed, would ban forever, same-sex marriages in the USA.
The Republicans, who proposed it, didn't expect it to pass. It's just a political tool to help them win votes by painting the Democrats as being against the family.
Some question the Democrat strategy of cloture (it's not a misprint, that's the word for what they've done, and I'm still not sure if I've got it right). They think it should have been allowed up to the other house so it could be finally killed. As it stands, it could be brought up again. Mind you, the Right are in meltdown. The Democrats have a good chance of taking both houses, giving them a decade to emasculate the religious right, who are the real poison in the chalice of American politics.
Trouble is, once defeated, they're likely to return stronger than ever. If America becomes a theocracy, how long will it be before we in Britain are forced to submit to their (self) righteousness.

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