Friday, June 09, 2006

Coulter's candy

Whew! Yesterday's post actually made it through last night. I thought I was going to have to post it this morning. All clear on the road this morning.
Guilty secret time. I've taken to watching Fox News. I know it's totally biased and partisan, but in Scotland we only get whatever Sky is willing to show us, so if I want to know what's happening stateside, I've not much choice. Don't worry, if you're worried about my news watching diet, I balance the unhealthy chips (on the shoulders) of Fox with the healthy vegetables of the blogs.
It gives me a handle on the colourful characters the blogs are talking about.
Like Ann Coulter.
Is she for real?
For those of you who don't know her, she's a very right wing media pundit with long blonde hair and a prominent Adam's apple, who has just written a book called Godless, which lays into the anti-religiousness of liberals. She has managed to upset a lot of people, by criticising the widows of 9/11 who have been criticising the government.
And yet, on the segment this morning on Neil Cavuto's show, she got an easy ride. He asked her about it, sure, but there was no sense of outrage, no "How can you say this?" She was allowed to state her case which was that these women were challenging the government, so the fact they had lost husbands in such momentous circumstances should not exempt them from criticism by government supporters (like Ann Coulter).
Now while it may be true that widowhood should not protect one from criticism, to claim that these women, who by the way got the government to instigate the 9/11 comission, were glad to be widows, and would have been divorced anyway, is not criticism, but an insult.
I fortunately have never lost a loved one in such tragic circumstances, but I know how devastated I would feel, and how angry I would be if someone suggested I enjoyed my bereavement.
Is she for real?
This is what some people are beginning to wonder. The things she is saying are so outrageous and inflammatory, that you start to think that maybe she's putting on an act; pretending to be this ultra-right mouthpiece so that the wingnuts will agree with her. At a certain point in the future, she'll turn round and say "Fooled ya! Look how stupid you were to agree with me!"
I just don't know, I think she is for real. I also think she is a woman, but that's another story altogether.

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