Friday, June 23, 2006

The Liver Bird

Brothers and sisters, today I want to tell you about the Creator of mankind who so loved us that he sacrificed himself so that we might live - a noble being who suffered great torment so that we, his creation would never know unending cold and hunger. Praise his name, for he delivered us from tyranny. Praise his name! Praise his name!

So who did you think I was talking about?
I think it's a shame that this titan doesn't get the credit he deserves. He created mankind from mud. When he saw them hungry and unable to keep warm, he stole fire from the gods. For this he was chained to a mountain for thirty thousand years while an eagle gnawed on his liver.
Thirty thousand years! Compare and contrast with the three hours on a cross by another self-sacrificing deity. Not even close. Even Odin managed to hang for nine days on Yggasdril.
It's time we got back to worshipping gods who are truly worthy of the honour, and Prometheus is my candidate.

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