Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kentucky Fried Blog

Breaking news! Over in Kentucky the Governor has censored blogs critical of his regime. Ernie Fletcher, who seems to be a rather disreputable fellow, has brought down a firewall on a local blog - Bluegrass Report - which has been reporting the scandals and corruption surrounding Fletcher's administration.
It's not a blanket ban. Right-wing blogs are unaffected. There is the possibility that they're blocking websites that have a large number of hits from state government computers, in which case it is a testament to the popularity of the blog. Or it's blatant censorship of inimicle blogs. The jury's still out on the motivation of the ban, but however you look at it, the administration come up smelling of meadow muffins.
The power of the blogs is in action at this very moment! Click on over and take part. How it will end, I don't know, but freedom of speech is at stake. Each little victory the blogosphere gains, pushes back the repression of tyranny. We'll follow this one and see what happens.

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