Friday, June 16, 2006

To infinity - and beyond!

You make one lousy comment, and all hell breaks loose. I left a comment a few weeks ago on the Panda's Thumb, and forgot all about it until last night, when I was passing through the site again, only to find that my comment had started a long discussion about infinite numbers and the reality of the universe. My comment had been fairly tongue in cheek, but I couldn't believe how serious, and how higher mathematical, the resulting discourse had become. By the time I returned, the thread was over. I wish I'd known sooner what was happening so I could have joined in. Anyway, here's the post and comments for you to enjoy. Scroll down to comment # 104233 - it's the only comment in the entire thread with my name on it, the grit that forms the oyster's pearl. Be warned, there's a lot of high-falutin mathamajinkies coming up, as well as the other discussion which takes place simultaneously, just to make things complicated.

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