Saturday, June 10, 2006

They shoot nurses, don't they? - part two

Okay, okay, it's a computer game - Left Behind: Eternal Forces. It's probably no more violent than many other shoot-em-ups, and just as fun to play. That's not my gripe. The point is it's a christian shoot-em-up, you know, "Love thy neighbour", "Turn the other cheek", "Blessed are the peacemakers"! Not "Eat lead, Antichrist!" or "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!"
What rating are they going to put on this game, given that there is graphic representation of corpses piling up in the street, and satanic imagery. If they give it an 18, then that's OK by me. It means adults only will be playing - except maybe their younger brothers (or sisters) who'll sneak a shot while they're out. But if they're that independently minded, there's hope for them.
What I'm worried about is a lower rating, which will encourage fundamentalist parents, who've read all the Left Behind books, and regard it has future history, to allow their good little kids to play the game because it's good christians versus bad satanists, and it's good preparation for the last times which are now imminent.
It also subliminally indoctrinates players into the eschatological worldview that the UN is evil, and that anyone who works for it is fair game to be blasted away.
We await the responses of church groups with anticipation.

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