Thursday, June 01, 2006

Condoms condemned.

Although the American christian right's abstinence-only policy, with regard to sexuality has failed abysmally to halt the spread of STDs amongst young people in the States, they are, nevertheless, trying to force the same message onto the African continent with tragic results.
As reported in today's Independent, American evangelical groups have increased the spread of HIV infection in Uganda, by refusing to promote the use of condoms in favour of their abstinence and faithful-within-marriage agenda, thus undermining the governments efforts to fight the spread of HIV.
This is cultural imperialism at its most malignant.
Religious imperatives are taking priority over life-saving precautions. The christians have power in the form of aid money, and they are abusing that power. They will only give aid to persons and organisations who are 'on message', and damn the rest.
Even the Vatican is now reluctantly admitting that condom use will reduce transmission of HIV. It's a painful admission. It means reversing centuries of teaching and is a threat to Papal infallibility.
Why can't they get over their obsessive hatred of recreational sex? Or would they rather have people die, just to prove that sinful sex leads to death?

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