Sunday, June 11, 2006

A series of links

The internet is one of mankinds most powerful inventions. It gives easy access to information that would be nearly inaccessible by any other route, and allows you to make connections that would otherwise be never made.
F'rinstance: as mentioned earlier, I have Tourette's syndrome. In the last few days, I've been looking round for information on it. I've found out that it's genetic (dominant), and affects more boys than girls by a ratio of 3:1 .
Now what's so special about the ratio 3:1 in relation to genetics?
Can anyone say recessive gene?
But Tourette's is dominant. A child has a 50% chance of receiving the gene if their parent has it.
Therefore, there are girls who have the gene, but do not have the symptoms of Tourette's. Which suggests there's a gene on the X-chromosome that protects them.
Another f'rinstance: I've come across a hint that TS may be triggered by a viral infection. I've had mumps and rubella when I was little, and I was vaccinated against measles.
That's M, M & R - and I've got TS.
Now TS is one of a number of related conditions: ADHD, OCD, Asperger's syndrome and Autism.
And MMR has fallen under suspicion with relation to Autism!
But the Government and its scientists say there is no link - MMR does not cause Autism.
Well obviously it doesn't cause Autism, otherwise every child who received the vaccine would be autistic.
But what if a child genes predispose them to having autism, or Tourette's, or the other syndromes. Does the vaccine act as a trigger?
I do not know.
I also do not know if any research has been done linking MMR with these other syndromes.
If you know, tell me!


Clark Bartram said...

There is no link between the MMR and autism, that is very clear. And as far as TS there is no association with autism or aspergers only really with ADHD and OCD. Don't fall for the anti-vax propaganda. The genetics of TS is not well understood unfortunately. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope that your nephew does well. Remember that by far the vast majority of tics seen in childhood are of the transient, non-TS, variety.

Clark Bartram said...

Here is one more link:

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about other connections? All children who are autistic have will have eaten potatos at some point in there lives, so there must be a link! Maybe you should start an anti-potato campaign?

At least that would be safer than propagating baseless rumours about MMR, and just as likely to be true.

Deacon Barry said...

Clark, thanks for the link, the site is very interesting and informative. This is why I'm blogging, I want to find out what's true.