Friday, August 18, 2006

Chow time

Have you seen the picture of the hybrid mutant beast on AOL news? It was found on Saturday in Maine, apparently having been hit by a car while chasing a cat. How do they know it was chasing a cat, if it was found dead?
There seems to have been a distinct lack of interest in the creature, since it was left lying for five days before somebody took it away for examination, by which time the skull and internal organs were missing. And yet there is a photograph of the head. What's happened to the skull?
I've checked Snopes, to see if it's a hoax, but they've got no mention of it.
They say it's probably a dog - a chow, or a chow-mix. I agree.
If you look at the photograph, you'll notice the ears are small, the snout is short, and the dentition looks strangely...human? There's a blade of grass annoyingly in the way, blocking a view of the canine tooth.
If there were such things as werewolves, that's what they would look like.

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