Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's official! Today, through the post, I received my ophthalmic nursing certificates. I finished the course a year ago, and I knew I had passed, so I could, with clear conscience, call myself an ophthalmic nurse. But without the certificates, I still felt incomplete. Now, everything has changed. I am no longer in limbo. The certificates have been delivered, and a new ophthalmic nurse walks the streets of Edinburgh.
There's no awards ceremony. I don't get to wear a robe and funny hat. I guess this post will have to be the public demonstration of my elevation to the realm of specialist nursing. Gaudeamus!


Mother Jones RN said...

Congratulations, Deacon Barry. It’s time to raise a toast to the newest certified ophthalmic nurse in the blogosphere. Cheers!

Mother Jones RN

Sapient Fridge said...

Many congrats!

Deacon Barry said...

Thank you folks.