Thursday, August 17, 2006

RCN election for the webwise

I've just received voting papers for the Royal College of Nursing presidential election. There are nine presidential candidates, and four for Deputy President. Each candidate has a manifesto and history, and it's now a case of me reading through them and deciding who do I want for President. I don't know any of them. All I have is what's written on the accompanying literature.
The interesting thing, in this age of the internet is how few netlinks there are. I've counted three, out of thirteen people!
Maura Buchanan has an e-mail address. David Harding-Price, who's running for D-P, has a link to his charity's website mattdotcom . Only Loretta Bellman has a website devoted to the campaign, which adds to the information given in the manifesto.
Having a website gives a candidate an electoral advantage. Not an unfair one, because everyone else has the opportunity. It displays a familiarity with information technology which is important in a position like this.
There's more to winning an election than having a website, but it might sway some of the votes.
If I was running for office, you can be sure I'd mention this blog. Reading it gives you an idea of my (sparkling) personality. It's a pity none of the candidates have a blog. Maybe next election?

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