Saturday, August 05, 2006

Nor iron bars a cage

It looks like America is heading slowly towards a fascist state. Now they're building concentration camps. They'll be for terrorists and illegal immigrants, of course. People you'd want off the street and kept where they can't harm anybody. That is until there's another attack on the homeland. That's when martial law will be declared. You see, they know they're going to declare it at some point in the future, so it makes sense to have the facilities built beforehand.
If you disagree with the US government, you'd better do it quietly once martial law is declared, because criticism of the leadership in a time of war is treason, plain and simple, and you'll end up within these walls
But why am I worrying about this? I don't live in the US, and I've no intention of visiting it soon. Well, the state of America is a glimpse of what life here might be like in five years time. Britain and America are currently enjoying a Bonnie and Clyde existence, so American influence is strong. British citizens can be easily extradited, if the Americans want to put them on trial, and the Labour government wouldn't want the Whitehouse to think there were some elements of British society who were disrespectful of US policy, would they?

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