Monday, August 14, 2006

No censorship, you wankers!

They say that they're not going to allow Pete from Big Brother to appear live on daytime TV. That's discrimination! Pete has Tourette's. He can't stop himself shouting obscenities. But because British children must be protected from hearing bad language before nine o' clock at night, they'll record all interviews with Pete, and wait till after the watershed to show them.
This is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Pete has done more to raise the awareness of Tourette's in his weeks in the House than any other person. For that, he is a hero. Children now know that the kid in the playground twitching and cursing away is a person with a neurological condition, and not someone to be persecuted because they are different. Those kids can now see they're not alone. They can point to Pete, and say proudly: "I've got Tourette's!"
What the media have to remember is; Pete doesn't swear! He tics! Okay, the tic is saying "wankers!", but it's no more swearing than me tossing my head, or doing a V-sign.
How can we call ourselves an inclusive society, if Tourette's sufferers are banned from live TV?
Suppose we had a politician with Tourette's - would he be censored?

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