Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blog against Sexism Day

Today is blog against sexism day. It's a day for stopping and thinking about how one half of humanity treats the other half. It's a day for sweeping out the stale stereotypes that impede communication between a woman and a man. If you make a judgement about someone of the opposite sex today, stop and think if you are relying on a hackneyed piece of received wisdom such as ' men only think about football and sex' or 'women don't do maps'. Remove the filter of sexism and try and see your friend or workmate in an objective light, untainted by whether they are female or male. Judge a person by their actions, and not by the characteristics they were born with. If you get to know them better, they might surprise you.
Hat tip to JanieBelle.


Rhea said...

I didn't realize it was Blog agst. Sexism day, but that is something I am happy to do any day! Thanks for your post.

JanieBelle said...


Kisses Deacon Barry!

Alas, it would seem I've bitten off a rather large hunk, and my own post is going to be several days late, I think.

But as Rhea said, "that is something I am happy to do any day!"