Sunday, March 18, 2007

How was your weekend?

I've never known a weekend like it. First I win the Green, Green hills of Earth poetry contest. My guest post is now up at UDreamof Janie - go read it! Second I find I'm a Shaggy Blogger, and I'm helping to raise money for Comic Relief. At the moment, we've sold 307 copies of Shaggy Blog Stories, making over £1400 for the charity - and that's just in the first 40 hours!
I want to appeal to all my readers across the ocean. Lulu, the publishers, are quoting the price in dollars, which suggests that the book may be obtainable in the USA. Be the first on your block to possess this work of literature. I know it's British humour, but so is Monty Python and Benny Hill. But I ask you, please blog about it. There will be other charity blooks (blog books) in the future. But this is the first - it's special! We'll never get an opportunity quite like this again to show the world that bloggers can make things happen. We are the only truly international medium of communication - even more so than television or radio, and if all of us act together, we can do a lot of good.
All you have to do is press a few keys on your computer. If you can afford to give $16, even better. Half of it will go to help people in Africa, and you will get a book that will put a smile on your face. Just don't be drinking soda at your computer when you do read it.

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Julie McAnulty said...

Hi Deacon,

Congrats on getting in Shaggys and on your poem; thought it was great! Can I be your agent?