Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sound stuff

I once worked for American television. (Say what?) That sounds a whole lot more impressive than the reality.
It was in the summer of 1987. I was working for a video project at the East of Scotland Society for the Deaf. This was long before I became a nurse. And yes, I did pick up the basics in sign language while I was there. We were at the Royal Highland Show, videoing it for the project, when my boss met up with some of her friends, one of whom had been asked by Channel 5 Philadelphia to also film the Royal Highland Show. Or maybe he had pitched the idea to Channel 5? He had a broadcast quality camera and a large sound box, and he asked me if I wanted to give them a hand. So I ended up as the sound man on a very small, all Scottish, camera crew, filming the sights and sounds of Scotland's biggest agricultural show. We interviewed a chap selling tractor equipment. We filmed cows. Best of all, we got to enter the press lounge for a cup of tea.
I have no idea to this day if the stuff we shot ever appeared in Philadelphia, and I've never been involved with television production since then, but it was a fun day while it happened.

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