Monday, March 19, 2007


I quite like this Blogger upgrade. I've just discovered how to place a banner in my sidebar - see? Yeah yeah, of course it's for the blook. The only thing that bugs me is having to sign in to my Google account with e-mail and password every time I want to post or tweak the template. Before the changeover - forced if you recall - I could get right into the posting page without having to sign in. Now, it's a pain in the gluteii. If it would only remember the e-mail - that's the one that's such a fingerful (note: I was looking for a synomym for mouthful as applied to typing. Digitful? Dactyllous? {Hey that's a good word! I must remember to use it in a future post.})
If any of you technophiles out there know how I can get Blogger to do that, or failing that, if I could construct a macro to type my e-mail when I press a certain key combination (eg. CTRL E, or ALT C, or something similar), I would be grateful.


Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

Speaking of macros, that reminds me of how my dad tried to teach me about them eons ago. (As usual, I never listened to him and so I still don't know how to do any...)

Deacon Barry said...

Your dad taught you about computers? I'm the one who's teaching my mum about them.