Thursday, March 01, 2007

Station vistas

I thought I'd let you see where I work. This is our Nurses' Station, the hub of our operations (pun not intended). The top picture is a view of the desk from the chair of command. The switches control the ward lighting. You can see the ward diary under a report sheet, and one of our telephones. The second picture shows the same desk from the other side. The computer terminal is behind the partition. You can see the chair we sit in. Through the door, you can see the front door of the ward and the stairwell beyond. I took the pictures during the Christmas period, which explains the presence of a decoration on the wall. The poster beside it is a cross-section of the eye - well it is an ophthalmic ward!


Chloe said...

Added you to my links list! Actually, your link pretty much is the list. Love the poster of the eye, reminds me of the time I was waiting for my eye doctor. I had already removed my contacts, and have very poor vision. He was taking a long time, and bored, I tried to look around the room, but I have to get very close to things to see them clearly. He had a poster too, so I got up to my 2-inch distance to see it- it was a poster of all diseased eyeballs! How gross! Good times.

Deacon Barry said...

We've got that poster hanging in the staffroom. Thanks for the link. I've added you to my blogroll as well.