Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blogger reconnected

I'm back online! I managed to get to B&Q today and got a telephone line extension to replace the one that mysteriously stopped working, cutting me off from the blogosphere. Not a pleasant experience I can assure you. You miss not being able to check things up on the internet when you want to. For the past three days, I've been forced to sit and watch television, then go to bed before midnight! My normal bedtime is round about 1am, with 2am sessions not unheard of. So being in bed at 11:30 was a bit of a culture shock. Mind you, I have been working the last two days, which means getting up at 5:30. I'll be a bit later tonight. I'm definitely an owl. Late nights are no problem at all. My wife, on the other hand is a lark. She has no trouble getting up at the crack of dawn, whereas I refuse to emerge until after 9:00. (on my days off that is - it compensates for the early starts on my days on.)


Interrobang said...

How do you manage a mixed relationship like that? I ask mostly because whenever I manage to get into the same physical space as my significant other, there's a five-hour time zone difference for one or other of us involved. If he comes here, it feels 5h later to him than it does to me, and if I go there, it feels 5h earlier than it feels to him. Argh!

I am a night owl as well. The major hassle I have is that I work a 9-5 job, and by 2PM or so, I'm ready for a nap, since I've gotten up at 7:45AM.

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

You crack me up! I hadn't even THOUGHT of throwing my purse at Microsoft until you suggested it---but it sounds like a good idea! (Don't worry, though--I won't do it. I'll content myself with sending blistering emails to their complaint centers and spending hours on-hold with their tech-support phone lines...sigh...)

Kim said...

I swear my brain is connected to this computer by wireless - I'm so attached I go through anxiety just thinking about it being down! : D