Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy week?

I'm on holiday this week. Supposedly a time for doing nothing but sit in front of the computer, checking up on all my favourite blogs. I should be so lucky! It's perfect gardening weather - in Scotland that usually means it's not raining, but actually, the sun is out. Later this week, it's the double birthday. My niece and nephew conveniently decided to have their birthdays on consecutive days. She's going to be five and he'll be eight. So today I was out shopping for birthday stuff.
I've also been down at Mum's teaching her how to use Photoshop. That's the thing, you have a bit of computer savvy, and you're a guru. I was showing her how to use the lighting effects that I just discovered the day before. It always helps to be one step ahead.


Julie McAnulty said...

Hi Deacon,

wish I was out in the garden this week; unfortunately i've been annoying other people in their gardens, asking them to vote for me. Anyway, thanks for the good luck message and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather and a good turn out tommorrow.


Deacon Barry said...

If this weather holds out, tomorrow should be a good day for voting.