Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Song of the Foolish Ones

The world is a plaything.
And the doors of the world are open.
O foolish ones.
You play unheeding of the gathering evil.

They create such marvels.
Great palaces. Golden chariots. Devices wondrous to behold.
O foolish ones.
Your playthings will bring you no comfort.

There is one who seeks knowledge.
And He sets Himself in authority.
O foolish ones.
Beware the one who sets Himself in authority.

He says:
We must know the measure of this world.
Its width. Its height. Its depth.
He sets Himself apart to watch and learn
O foolish ones.
Do not scorn He who has set Himself apart.

He returns to them saying.
I will bind you to this land.
I have its measure.
I have its width. Its height. Its depth.
Its beginning. Its end.
His death tears the veil that separates them from this world.
O foolish ones.
You can never leave this world.

You are bound to it by His death.
And like Him you must also die.
For His is the first death.
By His death all who dwell in this world must die.
And He has dominion over them.
O foolish ones.
See how you have fallen.

Your palaces are hollow shells.
Your chariots are broken.
Your devices are ashes.
O foolish ones
You are dust.


Kim said...

Did you write this? It's really good!

Deacon Barry said...

Yup. All poetry on this blog is original to myself unless attributed to another. Remember, Byron's my cousin. I'm glad you like it.