Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rock n' Roll n' Resus

Pack your trunk Nelly! Step gaily away Marie! There's a new entry at the top of the CPR charts.
Up until now, practitioners performing resuscitation had a choice of songs to pump people's chests to. They were Nelly the Elephant, and Marie's Wedding. Today, I was informed by our friendly neighbourhood consultant anaesthetist that the tune of choice is now Status Quo's Rockin' all over the World. Apparently it's a bit faster than the other two.
So now, when you are trying to revive someone who's suffered a cardiac arrest, you're going to be in a whole new world of cool as you perform compressions, going, "Here we go and here we go and here we go..." At this point the words subside into a hum because you don't actually know the words to the next bit. And so it continues until you finish with "... Rockin' all over the world!"


Julie McAnulty said...

There are some things it's just best not knowing..


Alban said...

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