Saturday, April 21, 2007

A touch of the Blobbies

Does anyone remember the Blobbies? It was a children's show from the late seventies with characters called Melody Gwen and Mr Centigrade. That's all I can find out about it on Google. I had this vague memory of a show with a Melody Gwen in it, so I googled her name and found the Blobbies who were some sort of pop group. The page didn't have any pictures to jog my memory. I have a feeling it was a cartoon though.
Although a lot of programmes from my childhood have achieved cult status, many more have fallen off the cultural radar, and this, I fear, is one of them.
BTW the programme had nothing to do with Mr Blobby, that I am sure of. He is one cultural icon I could do with forgetting.

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Hi. Yes, I do remember the programme. It was aired in around 1978 / 1979 when I was about 6 years old. The TV show was called "THE BUBBLIES". The theme tune used to go something like "Come back, come back, come back to Bubbly-down..." or something very similar. My memory isn't all that great as it was 30 years ago!!
In france, it was known as "LES BUBBLES" for some reason.

The character known as Melody Gwen used to appear from the sky on a rainbow, while a tortoise used to appear to a few music notes from a musical box. It was a very weird programme.

Here's a link to the french page:

All the best.