Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The astrologers lament

With poor old Pluto out of the game, what's going to happen to all those horoscopes which rely on his influence? And what about all those Scorpios without a planet to rule them? And those astrology books which explain how Pluto, with its change of sign every generation, has been the underlying force of history for the past centuries, even though it was only discovered in 1930?
Oh dear, it's a sad time for astrologers everywhere. They had managed to incorporate the subtle guidance of Pluto into their comprehensive system, and now it's all been taken away from them - woe, woe, thrice woe!
Do you think part of the reason the IAU decided to demote Pluto was to seriously piss off the astrologers? Sadly, probably not, but it must feel oh so good even so. Astronomers probably loathe the trine and square brigade as much as I do iridologists.
I've not seen any astrologers on TV recently talking about this. Maybe they're hoping for it to be forgotten quickly, so that they can go back to bilking the public with one less planet to work with.
Fat chance! Do you want to know how to wind up an astrologer now?
Three words:





Mother Jones RN said...

Wow, I never thought about how it's going to affect astrologers. That's funny.

I keep thinking about all the books that public schools are going to have to replace. That's not funny.

beepbeepitsme said...

Ancient astrology is the basis of much god worship, from what I can ascertain.