Saturday, September 09, 2006

The muddy path

The big news all over the Blogosphere just now is the scandalous Disney TV movie The Path to 9/11, which they have admitted publicly has been fictionalised to make it appear that the Clinton administration are to blame for allowing the tragedy to take place. The film cost $40 million to make, but there will be no advertising during the screening. This, in effect, is a donation by the Disney Corporation to the Republican party of a piece of prime time propaganda. One hopes that what they receive in return for this largesse will be worth the loss in good will from the American people. Already, panic measures are taking place, Scholastic have pulled out of producing a discussion guide to be given to schools concurrently with the airing of the show.
Guess what? We get to see the film before the Americans. It's being shown tonight (the 10th) on BBC 2, the day before they see it. I hope the BBC realise that they're opening themselves to some serious legal sanctions. The film is defamatory, and there are laws against that sort of thing.

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