Thursday, September 07, 2006

What I did on my summer holiday.

I'm back! I've been on my summer holidays on a round trip of Britain, from my home here near Edinburgh to Cambridge, then on to the south coast in Hampshire, returning via the Lake District today. I've driven nearly one thousand miles over the last week, and I've only had to fill up twice. The weather has been hot. Going three hundred miles south really makes a difference to the climate. I've been in T-shirts the whole time, even at night!
We went to the Historic Docks at Portsmouth, and saw the Mary Rose, the Warrior and Victory. It was interesting seeing the development of naval warships from Tudor times to the Victorian era.
If you were in Cambridge last weekend and saw or heard fireworks, we were right there, celebrating a family birthday.
I am now returned, refreshed and respirited (12-year old malt whisky) and ready to blog!

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