Friday, September 22, 2006

Heigh ho, heigh ho.

Well, my three week break is over and I'm now back at work. It's as if I've never been away. Next week I've got a four day week. This may not seem much, but the shifts I work are from 0730 until 2030. That's thirteen hours, but I don't get paid for my two half hour meal breaks. Normally I work three days a week. That makes 36 hours. A full time working week is thirty seven and a half hours. So what we do is add up those extra 1.5 hours to make an extra day every eight weeks. And I'm working it next week.
Still, can't complain, I prefer doing it this way. I'm used to the long days now. The hours after teatime are invaluable for getting loose ends tied up. And I love all those days off.

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